The season of 2017/2018 IABL has started in RigaВторник, 12 Декабря 2017 12:23; Комментарии: Traditionally on the 25th of November the 7th season of International amateur basketball league has already started in Riga. Six teams from four countries arrived at LSPA sports hall in the capital of Latvia. Each of the teams has played two games. Both teams from Russia were the first to come out on the site. The players from Sankt-Petersburgh challenged the team from the capital of Russia. The victory was reached by the guest team from Sankt-Petersburgh with a fragile three points
Ryga “Rumba“ (Latvia) team again has become the champions of IABL (International amateur basketball league) of 2017Среда, 5 Июля 2017 20:09; Комментарии: At the first weekend of June, 2017 the IABL finals took place. There were 8 teams from 6 countries – Russia, the Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and Latvia - to compete for the title of the champions. On the first day of the tournament the teams played in the final subgroup matches: Moscow (Russia) vs. Sweden - 80:106, Sankt-Petesrburgh (Russia) vs. Denmark – 77:63, Latvia vs.Vilnius (Lithuania) - 92:93, the Ukraine vs. Kaunas (Lithuania) – 97:57. The quarter finals team
The start of the Sixth Season of 2016/2017 International Amateur Basketball League (IABL) in RigaПонедельник, 19 Декабря 2016 14:55; Комментарии: On 26th November, 2016 the sixth International amateur basketball league tournament started in Riga, the capital of Latvia. There are 8 teams, participating in this championship, i.e. Moscow BK “Torpedo“ (Russia), Sankt-Petersburgh ( Russia), Hoganas ( Sweden), Riga “Rumba“( Latvia), Vilnius “Tegra“ (Lithuania), Kaunas KKL ( Lithuania), Kiev (Ukraine) and Copenhagen “Risk“ Denmark as a newly joined team. There were 8 games , played in Riga
The champions of the Fifth International Amateur Basketball League (IABL) – Riga „Rumba“ team (LBAL – Latvia)Среда, 20 Июля 2016 17:27; Комментарии:  In June ,2016 the Fifth of jubillee International amateur basketball league (IABL) tournament was closed. This year there were 7 teams from 5 countries: Russia, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and the Ukraine. The teams had to fight in three tournaments to get into the final fourth. In winter the first tournament took place in Riga ( Latvia), the second one took place in Hoganas ( Sweden) and both the third and the final tournament took place in Benidorm, a resort in Spain. The third tournament
The start of International Amateur Basketball League (IABL) of 2016 in RigaЧетверг, 17 Марта 2016 22:02; Комментарии: The Fifth International Amateur Baketball League tournament was opened in February, 2016. New teams from Hoganas city , Sweden and “Torpedo“ Moscow joined the old-timer teams this season. This year the representatives from Belarus are not participating in the tournament. The decision was taken to miss this season in expectation to join next year IABL tournament. This year there are 7 teams in all: Kaunas KKL national team, Vilnius “Tegra“( both from Lithuania),
Украина выиграла Международную Аматорскую Лигу 4-ого сезонаСуббота, 11 Июля 2015 12:48; Комментарии:   В Портороже (Словения) прошли финальные соревнования Международной Аматорской Лиги по баскетболу. По итогам сезона в финал 4 попали команды России (Санкт-Петербургская Аматорская Лига), Украины (на основе команды UDавы), Каунаса и Вильнюса (Литва).   В первом
The IVth Tournament in Kėdainiai.The absolute domination of the Kaunas team, Russians with strong ambitions and the downfall of the Ukrainians to the bottom of the tour match standing.Вторник, 31 Марта 2015 13:10; Комментарии: On March 21, the IVth International Amateur Basketball League (IABL) as the last but one tournament took place in Kėdainiai, with Vilnius team as a formal host. There were six games played during the tournament with the revealed favorites and outsiders.In any case this year the strength of teams has been very similar and all main fights are still ahead. VKL national team made on the basis of “Tegra“ and KKL national team made on the basis of “Sport Obsession“Другие новости »
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