The start of the Sixth Season of 2016/2017 International Amateur Basketball League (IABL) in Riga

On 26th November, 2016 the sixth International amateur basketball league tournament started in Riga, the capital of Latvia. There are 8 teams, participating in this championship, i.e. Moscow BK “Torpedo“ (Russia), Sankt-Petersburgh ( Russia), Hoganas ( Sweden), Riga “Rumba“( Latvia), Vilnius “Tegra“ (Lithuania), Kaunas KKL ( Lithuania), Kiev (Ukraine) and Copenhagen “Risk“ Denmark as a newly joined team.

There were 8 games , played in Riga followed by the distribution of teams positions in the tour match standing. Differently from the previous tournament, due to the increase in teams and in order to save up the time, the tournament in Riga was organized in several sport halls at the same time. The following solution paid off with benefits as teams were able to make arrangements for the awards and closing party even at 6 p.m .

The representatives from Russia were the first to come out on the site –teams from Moscow “Torpedo“ and Sankt- Petersburgh, where the latter was in the stronger position as defeated the team from the capital of Russia in a result 79:120. It is worth mentioning that the winning team threw more 3- points than two points and hit even 26 three- point shots.

At the same time , the teams from Scandinavia : Copenhagen“Risk“ and Sweden “Hoganas“ met for a game. Danish were stronger and defeated the opponents in a result 86:65.

In next match, both teams from Lithuania played, where Kaunas KKL, proving their advantage against Vilnius “Tegra“ until the last seconds of the fight, defeated in a result 88:83. The local team from Riga “Rumba“ defeated the Kiev team from Ukraine in a result 93:77.

During the third matches “Hoganas“ from Sweden gave up the team from Sankt-Petersburgh (59:103), whereas after a fierce fight Copenhagen “Risk“ defeated Moscow “Torpedo“ team (76:72).

And finally, during the last games, Kiev ( Ukraine ) played against Vilnius “Tegra“, where after a fierce fight Lithuanians became the winning team 78:92 , and simultaneously , Riga “Rumba “ and Kaunas KKL , where the players from Kaunas could have done nothing against great players of the host team. The IABL champions of the previous year , the representatives from Latvia were worth to be winners with a result 106:82.

After the first tour was over, all the participants gathered for a closing party, where both the most valuable players and the absolutely most valuable player of the overall tour were awarded. Niezis Nauris was the one to become absolutely MVP.

On 25th February, 2017 the following II tournament is taking place in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The host of the tournament has become the Club “Risk“ , the newcomers of the league.

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