The champions of the Fifth International Amateur Basketball League (IABL) – Riga „Rumba“ team (LBAL – Latvia)

 In June ,2016 the Fifth of jubillee International amateur basketball league (IABL) tournament was closed. This year there were 7 teams from 5 countries: Russia, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and the Ukraine. The teams had to fight in three tournaments to get into the final fourth. In winter the first tournament took place in Riga ( Latvia), the second one took place in Hoganas ( Sweden) and both the third and the final tournament took place in Benidorm, a resort in Spain.

The third tournament was rather persistent with overtime periods played during some meetings. The games scored in the following:

Vilnius „Tegra“ (Lietuva) vs. Sankt-Petersburgh (Russia) – 86:60;
Riga „Rumba“ (LBAL – Latvia) vs. Mocow BK „Torpedo“ (Russia) – 79:52;
Kiev (LM – Ukraine) vs. Vilnius „Tegra“ (Lithuania) – 93:94 (after overtime);
Hoganas (Sweden) vs. Kaunas (KKL – Lithuania) – 69:111;
Sankt-Petersburgh (Russia) vs. Riga „Rumba“ (LBAL – Latvia) – 81:84;
Kaunas (KKL – Lithuania) vs. Kiev (LM – Ukraine) – 80:71;
Moscow BK „Torpedo“ (Russia) vs. Hoganas (Sweden) – 78:80.

At the end of this tournament and as well as the overall regular stage, the final tournament standing was formed and the teams were aware of their rivals in the playoffs. Riga was in the first position, Vilnius was in the second, where both of mentioned teams got into semifinals at once, whereas the rest of teams played in the quarterfinals. So, with Kaunas in the third position, Kiev in the fourth, the fifth position for the Hoganas, Sankt Petersburgh in the sixth and Moscow in the seventh as the last one. The latter did not get into playoffs and had to fight for the Challenge cup with teams, that lost in semifinals and the second Ukrainian team.

The first quarterfinal: Kaunas (KKL – Lithuania) vs. Sankt-Petersburgh (Russia) – 83:86;
The second quarterfinal: Hoganas (Sweden) vs. Kiev (LM – Ukraine) – 43:79;
The first semifinal: Vilnius „Tegra“ (Lithuania) vs. Sankt-Petersburgh (Russia) – 84:68;
The second semifinal: Riga „Rumba“ (LBAL – Latvia) vs. Kiev (LM – Ukraine) – 89:78.

The first semifinal for the Challenge cup: Moscow BK „Torpedo“ (Russia) vs. Kiev-2 (LM – Ukraine) – 82:96;
The second semifinal for the Challenge cup:: Kaunas (KKL – Lithuania) vs. Hoganas (Sweden) – 99:93.

IABL and Challenge cup final fourth were played on the last day of the tournament..

IABL Grand finale: Riga „Rumba“ (LBAL – Latvia) vs. Vilniaus „Tegra“ (Lithuania) – 75:64.
IABL Little finale: Kiev (LM – Ukraine) vs. Sankt-Petesrburgh (Russia) – 65:66;

Challenge cup Grand finale: Kaunas (KKL – Lithuania) vs. Kiev-2 (LM – Ukraine) – 81:75;
Challenge cup Little finale: Moscow BK „Torpedo“ (Rusija) vs. Hoganas (Sweden) – 75:67;

So, for the first time after four seasons in a row the crown was taken away from Kiev team, the cup of champions was raised up by Riga „Rumba“ from Latvia. The winners are playing in accord very well with a perfect coach and team leader. This team has added the champions title to the already gained title of the strongest Latvian amateur team of this year.

Vilnius ,,Tegra“, with ambitious plans set, took the second place. This team came to Spain with very strong players, although proverbially “ this card was useless“ and they had to be satisfied with the title of vice champion and seek for the revenge next season.

To the surprise of many Sankt Petersburgh team won the third place. In the regular season this team was only in the sixth position, whereas in the quarterfinal managed to demonstrate its power and defeated the favourite representatives from Kaunas. However, considering the players of the team, the victory does not appear to be weird as players from the national team of Russia “Street basketball 3x3“ played in the winners team.

For the first time during four years period, the Kiev team players were the fourth.

Kaunas team was the winner of the Challenge cup, after defeating the strong second Kiev team in a persistent final game. During this game Kiev team gained 17 points lead , although after countless technical fouls, Kaunas team was able to concentrate and to prove their status of favourites in this duel.

Moscow BK “Torpedo“ won the third Challenge cup , as in Little final the latter team revenged for the rather painful defeat to Sweden team.

The sixth IABL tournament will start next season. It is foreseen to have more teams among the participants and to expand the geography of matches.

Stay waiting for the news!

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