The season of 2017/2018 IABL has started in Riga

Traditionally on the 25th of November the 7th season of International amateur basketball league has already started in Riga. Six teams from four countries arrived at LSPA sports hall in the capital of Latvia. Each of the teams has played two games.

Both teams from Russia were the first to come out on the site. The players from Sankt-Petersburgh challenged the team from the capital of Russia. The victory was reached by the guest team from Sankt-Petersburgh with a fragile three points superiority (86:83) after a fierce match till the very finish of the game.

The Lithuanian derby happened in the second meeting, where the Vilnius “Tegra“ team had a fight with Kaunas KKL team. The players from Vilnius team with perfect three point shots , managed to confirm their advantage and had won in a result 109:95.

During the third game, Riga Rumba-LSPA team, Latvian basketball amateurs and the champions of IABL of the previous year, has crushed the Swedish team without mercy 139:78.

The fourth ones to test own powers were the players from Kaunas and Moscow. Then bench of backup players of Russian team was a shorter one and was not equal Kaunas KKL team , thus the Moscow team gave up in a result 101:87.

During the last but one match , the audience, gathered in the hall, set eyes on a persistent fight, where the host team from Riga defeated Vilnius “Tegra“team with great difficulties though (76:70).

And during the final match the players from Sankt-Petersburgh defeated Swedish team (108:82).

During the closing party of the tournament the most valuable players (MVP) of all teams were awarded, and Nauris Miezis, a player from Riga Rumba – LSPA, was recognized as the MVP of overall tournament.

So, the 7th season of IABL has started , and the following stage is due in months of January-February of 2018 either in Hogan, a city in Sweden, or in Berlin a city in Germany, or in Sankt-Petersburgh, a city in Russia.



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