The finish of International amateur basketball league of the year 2018-2019 in Tbilisi (Sakartvelo) and the triumph of Moscow MSU (Russia) as the new IABL champions

 At the start of June, in Tbilisi, the capital of Sakartvelo the championship of International amateur basketball league (IABL) of the year 2018-2019 was finished. There were 8 teams from 5 countries – Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Russia and Sakartvelo.

On the first day of the tournament the final subgroup game was played in the sports hall in Zaza Pachulia sports school in Tbilisi, where the playoff teams came out. The winning quarterfinal teams get into the semifinal , whereas the lost teams play for the Challenge cup.

During the first quarterfinal game, the Moscow MSU team ( Russia) proved its label as favourites and won the game against the Hogan team ( Sweden ) without great efforts in a result 95:68.

The fight was more fierce during the second quarterfinal game, where the last year champions of IABL, Riga Rumba /LSPA ( Latvia) team defeated Klaipėda “Gobana – Urbavita league“ (Lithuania) team in a result 70:63.

During the third quarterfinal game, the local Tbilisi basketball amateur team did not spare the representatives from Moscow, the capital of Russia, “You‘re On“ team and defeated them in a result 93:63 for the joy of Georgian basketball fans.

The fourth semifinal team was Kaunas national basketball league (Lithuania).
On the second day of game, the action took place in a great sports palace, where National Sakartvelo basketball team plays as well. The participants of the tournament were afforded with perfect conditions to play on the basketball playground of the highest level.

In the first semifinal, after a rather nervous fight, Tbilisi basketball amateur team defeated guests from Lithuania – Kaunas national basketball league in a result 75:56. Although the result in the third half was still equal, after some episodes to argue, the players from Kaunas had technical fouls, so the players from Sakartvelo took the initiative and being in the forefront, kept the advantage untill the game was over.

In the second semifinal, Moscow MSU team (Russia) had a fight with Riga “Rumba/LSPA“ (Latvia) team. The first part of the game was more or less equal, but later the players from Russia with more strength saved, managed to celebrate the victory in a result 60:42. So, this victory clarified the new champions of this year IABL. So the following day in the finals will show which team is going to be the champions.

In the semifinals for the Challenge cup, teams from Klaipėda “Gobana – Urbavita lyga“ and Moscow “You‘re On“ demonstrated their advantages.

During the last day of the tournament in the same sports palace, in the small final for the third place , the scenario of the last year IABL final in Batumi has repeated, as the same teams – Kaunas national basketball league team and Riga “Rumba/LSPA“ had to fight. Must be reminded, that last year, the team from Latvia won after the overtime. So, this year , the players from Kaunas had an extra motivation to play revanche for the lost game and were successful to win a bronze medal. The players from Kaunas defeated the rivals in a result 87:70.

And, in the Grand Finale, the novice teams of the IABL of the year 2018-2019, i.e. Moscow MSU team (Russia) and Tbilisi Amateur basketball national team (Sakartvelo) fought for the first place. The game started with players‘ spurt from Georgia, though the Russians were woken up after such a cold shower, took the initiative and gained the superiority progressively and won a convincing victory in a result 109:79 , so Moscow MSU team has become the champions of IABL of the year 2018-2019.

Moscow “You‘re On“ team (Russia) won the Challenge cup after the effortless fight against Klaipėda “Gobana – Urbavita lyga“ (Lithuania) team (86:64)

All the prizewinners were awarded festively with pretty cups and original medals, and the closing party took place in an amazing restaurant in Tbilisi with food and drinks in abundance. All the participants had a great opprtunity to taste the perfect cuisine of Sakartvelo and to drink local home vine. During the party, all the best team players were awarded, whereas all IABL participants enjoyed the greetings with national Georgian dances with swords.

The 8th season of IABL is over, all the participants are waiting impatiently for the next season to start, which is expected with more teams with expended geography.


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